Building My Bass: Routing and Drilling


The body was routed down to it's final size using the template as a guide, then the edges were beveled. Cavities were drilled and routed into the body for wiring and electronics. 

After that, I sanded and sanded and sanded...

(click on each photo to enlarge)

Edge routing and beveling is complete.

Notice that the heel of the maple neck is now true with the body.

Cavities are routed for the pickups, and holes are drilled for the control knobs and bridge ground wire.

The electronics cavity is routed in back at three levels - for the cover, the wiring, and the control knobs.

A hole is drilled for the jack at the heel of the bass.

Notice the taper of the body - wide at the center for strength and sustain, and thin at the edge to reduce weight and make the bass "belly-friendly."

I spent a lot of time on the headstock finding a shape that complimented the body.

The headstock is finish cut and drilled.

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